MSSS specializes working in community mobilization, training, capacity building, provision of safe water, construction of sanitation facilities, solid waste management, skill development, farming, and
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About Us

Mythri Sarva Seva Samithi

MSSS works for the most deprived sections of the society like that of waste pickers and slum dwellers in an urban context, and below poverty line deprived communities in the rural areas.

MSSS is a people-centered organization, with practical and hands-on interventions in real-time situations, that touch people’s lives and brings about changes for their betterment. MSSS activities aim at the provision of basic needs services, capacity building, poverty alleviation, and environmental protection. 

We strive to deliver quality services in local communities that provide tangible assets and lasting benefits. We partner and collaborate with governmental organizations, non-profits, civil society groups, private companies, and global networks to link and learn' continuously, for growth and outreach. Three decades of experience and expertise have enabled us to engage, empower, inspire, implement, and deliver quality works and become a change-maker in the local context. We endeavor in propagating enduring solutions in areas of water, sanitation, livelihood improvement, environmental protection, and dissemination of information

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


Water, Sanitation, Health and Improved Basic standards for all.


The Journey of MSSS since its inception in 1987 has been very eventful and impactful. MSSS initiatives inspired many young former staffs, NGO workers, and associates, which kindled their entrepreneurial spirit that gave birth to replication and multiple innovations • Promote enduring solutions in the areas of water and sanitation. • By 2025 setting up an affordable technology combined water and sanitation park along with skill training center for youth on 2 acres of land in Rural Karnataka. • Initiate a combination of Environmental protection and Poverty alleviation. • Promotion of solid waste management and connecting through food and enhancing life in all forms. •By 2025, demonstrate and measure, improvement in the families income of 50 farmers, through adaptation and practice of regenerative farming practices.

Our Programs

Promotion IEC/HRD Program under Jal Jeevan Mission

Water Management through community participation Way of Content Delivery Model Demonstration Exhibition of IEC materials Mobilization of volunteers for Small water body rejuvenation Training of Panchayath Raj Institution members and other stake holders"

Vocational training for Adolescent Girls

Provision of better livelihood opportunities for boys and girls through training on professional skills, life skills and economic management for unemployed group in the deprived communities. Way of Content Delivery with demonstration for quick & easy understanding of the training aspects

Model Village Concept

WASH program _Installation of Household level environmental friendly model Awareness by resource persons and motivated communities for installation of environment friendly models like Biogas, Rain Water Harvesting Structure and Solar lights also installed RO plant for Drinking Water.

Wash Program

Rapid assessment of the context, base line data collection and compilation, field level interaction with target groups, focus group discussion, social marketing of products and services, home visits and mass awareness programs, beneficiary identification for water connection and toilet construction, Watsan committee formation, exposure visits to other facilities, supervision and monitoring of construction process, IEC activities combining developing GPs coordinates, interaction with the officials for fund flow.

Solid Waste Management

Assessment through Knowledge, Attitude and Practice study, put in place a standard operating procedure starting with waste survey, categories, quality, quantity, how to collect, transport, manage, treat, dispose waste, facility design, equipments, machinery, civil works, capital and operational costs involved, monitoring parameters, sources of revenue, training modules for key stakeholders, communication plan with signage, hoardings, monitoring with corrective and reporting mechanisms, with data inputs for compliance.

Skill Development:

Aimed at adolescent and young married girls in Northern Karnataka who are married at an early age. Deprived of education and skills, pushed into taking care of their families, these girls are chained into cycle of poverty. Using tailoring as entry point, young girls are mobilized for rigorous tailoring and embroidery skills education. A certificate and tailoring machine is given at the end of the course, giving them an opportunity either to be self employed or find employment through a organized sectors.

Our Activities

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Atal Bhu Jal Yojana Grama Sabha

The goal of Atal Bhujal Yojana (Atal Jal) is to demonstrate community-led sustainable ground water management which can be taken to scale. The major objective of the Scheme is to improve the management of groundwater resources in select water stressed areas Atal Jal is targeted at sustainable ground water management, mainly through convergence among various on-going schemes with the active involvement of local communities and stakeholders. The convergence shall further result in incentives to State Governments for suitable investments, aided by strong data base, scientific approach and community participation. The scheme has been designed as a pilot with the principal objective of strengthening the institutional framework for participatory ground water management. It also aims at bringing about behavioral change at the community level through awareness programs and capacity building for fostering sustainable ground water management in the selected areas.
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Vocational Training Program for Adolescent Girls at Koppal District of Karnataka

Income Generation Programme for Adolescent Girls is executed at Bevoor of Yelburga taluk, Koppal district. Project aimed to empower the adolescent village girls (who were working in seed production) with tailoring skill which will help them to earn their livelihoods by stitching clothes during their leisure time or make a business by setting up tailoring shop and tailoring training center Supported by BASF Vegetable Seeds Netherland Employee Donation and being executed by MSSS
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Nataional Program Management Unit Officials Visit

MSSS District Implementation Partner organization prepared Water security Plan for Rajaghatta grama Panchayath under Atal Bhu Jal Yojana. Nataional Program Management Unit Officials Team visited grama panchayath and Interacted with grama panchayath members, Officials and Other stateholders on Atal Jal Implementation Process.
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Exposure Visit to Best WATSAN Practices

MSSS Identified as an Implementing Support Agency to promote IEC/ HRD activities. Under this program Msss build awareness through diverse, effective and multiple communications media that focused on community roles and responsibilities in participating and contributing to the program as part of the Program Exposure visit to the Stakeholders on best Practices is also one of key element.
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Model Village Concept

-WASH program _Installation of Household level environmental friendly model -25 Rain water harvesting model demonstrated all the households having solar lighting -Community treated drinking water facility managed by the community
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Water Management through community participation

"The ground water and soil in the area is contaminated due to indiscriminate discharge of untreated /inadequately treated effluents and dumping of solid wastes from industries. According to a reliable report (IESC) another serious problem that has been noticed is the depletion of groundwater on account of over-exploitation. It is found that the units with 10 acres of floriculture have dug up an average of 4 bore wells and each well goes to about 600 feet. According to one estimate, the groundwater use is 212-acre inches per hectare, which is almost 40 times higher than the amount of water used by normal food crops like ragi. This has caused groundwater levels to go low. IMPACT 1500 Grass root workers were trained on water management 500 Village Water & Sanitation Committee members were trained on water management 250 Panchayath Raj Institution members were trained on water management Conducted water literacy programs & Competition
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Vocational training for Adolescent Girls

Provision of better livelihood opportunities for boys and girls through training on professional skills, life skills and economic management for unemployed group in the deprived communities. A debate was organised for school children regarding Protection of the Environment.

Our Impact

It is the small change that makes the biggest impact.


Board Members

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